Poems of Life and Death – 40

IXX. The Sun

The night— in mist— a blur of trees—
Your blinded sprint—
From woods to creek—
By clarity—

The pause— a pearl— arresting vision—
A second that slows the hurry you’re in—
The pail you brought to gather time—
For him—

Look— in the water—
A silver question—
Welled beyond the circular brim—
In your reflection—

What— do you see—
When you look— in the mirror—
Shaped— as love— the form— of you—
In the picture?

Strange— to see— a portrait of four—
Your family— the seasons—
Behind them— a pearl—
Makes the moonlit living room

Still— the fool— with moons of pearl—
Pearls of moon—
Begs the gods to heal the wound—
At their answer—

Your hands— together— ring— a star—
Each— a bow— each— a shield—
Sing a world with sight that feels—
Through unknown seasons—

Now take— the arc— above— the pail—
Your portion of a pentacle—
Bring the water here—
To him—

Nine stars in the night sky—
The surface— the circle— the moon— the pearl—
All the light you see it by—
Is me

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