Poems of Life and Death – 24

The Six of Stones

All I have to give
Is that which I receive
And everything I have
Is exactly what I lack.
In my pocket is a single stone.
I place it in your hand.

Feel the power in your hand?
A reticence to give
Away the stone?
What now can you receive?
What now do you lack?
What do I have?

Everything you have
Is in the palm of your hand.
Is there still a lack?
You can only give
What you receive:
The stone.

Heavy is the stone
Of everything you have.
You receive
This burden in your hand—
It is hard to give
Exactly what you lack.

I lack
A stone.
Will you give
What you have?
My hand
Will receive.

It is easy to receive
Exactly what I lack.
I open my hand
And wait for the stone:
Everything you have,
Everything you give.

My hand receives.
We give what we lack.
A stone we have.